How to Make a Wildlife Nesting Box

In Australia, many native species need tree hollows to survive. Due to ongoing forest clearing, forest fire and tree maintenance in residential areas there has been a significant loss of these natural hollows. One way to support wildlife in the short term is the installation of a nesting box. Download the resources and watch this […]

Universities as Partners in Learning Cities and Learning Communities

In this live online event, join representatives from local councils and universities from Australia, United Kingdom and Africa for a round-table conversation that will explore the role of universities as a partner in learning cities and learning communities in advancing sustainable development. The Australian Learning Communities Network (ALCN) is a national network of leading-edge practitioners […]

Covid-19 Stories of Hope and Resilience from Early Childhood Professionals in Australia

Wyndham City Council’s Family and Sector Partnerships Unit in Greater Melbourne VIC and ECTARC Early Childhood Education Services and Training in the Illawarra Shoalhaven NSW are co-facilitating this Early Childhood professional conversation to share COVID-19 stories of hope and resilience. Hear about how professional practices were modified and adapted to support the children and families […]

The Role of Religion in Modern Britain

This pre-recorded talk will explore the role of religion in public life by asking the question ‘how is religion valued in modern Britain?’ Using examples from politics, education, equality legislation, and social and religious protest movements, Dr Stephen Gregg, lecturer in Philosophy, Religion and Ethics from the University of Wolverhampton will argue that religion plays […]

The Shropshire Dialect Studies – Looking Back to Look Forward

This pre-recorded talk by Dr Esther Pickersgill, Senior Lecturer in English Language from the University of Wolverhampton, focuses on some dialect studies carried out in Shropshire between 1889 and 1955 by both private individuals and subsequently the University of Leeds, as part of their Survey of English Dialects. Dr Esther Pickersgill looks at where Shropshire […]

What Makes Someone a Good Language Learner?

Do you have the knack? This pre-recorded talk by Judith Hamilton, Senior Lecturer in Linguistics and TESOLT at the University of Wolverhampton will examine some of the research carried out in the area of Second Language Acquisition, a branch of linguistics, that aims to determine what makes someone a good language learner. Is there one […]

Words and Deeds – The Fiction of Suffragette Leader Constance Nina Boyle

This pre-recorded talk by Dr Nicola Allen (Senior Lecturer in English Literature at University of Wolverhampton) explores Nina Boyle’s extraordinary life and examines some of her (sometimes even more extraordinary) fiction. When the government defaulted on a promise to deliver enfranchisement, Boyle hired a boat to harangue M.P.s on the waterfront terrace of the Houses […]

YMCA Black Country’s Online Learning System: an overview

YMCA Black Country would like to introduce you to our online learning system. Our short video will introduce you to our system and what you can expect from our courses. We offer a bank of courses we have written and are available for purchase at an affordable cost if you are interested. At the moment […]

Living Sustainably: A How to Guide

Kylie is the General Manager of Green Connect, an award-winning, not-for-profit social enterprise that is all about reducing waste and growing fair food, while employing people who need the jobs most. She is also a Director at Flame Tree Community Food Co-op which sells local, organic, unpackaged and ethical groceries, she’s the founder of Sustainable […]